The History Of The ChatterBox Restaurant, Ocean City NJ
EST. 1937

Vivian Smith, a Philadelphia architect designed the Chatterbox. He is also responsible for the " Music Pier" and the " Flanders Hotel". The building was constructed in the 1920's.

In 1937 The Chatterbox Cafe, owned by Jean Campbell opened on the N.E corner of 9th and Central Ave where Katrina's is now. In the 1940's, the gas company moved from S.E corner of 9th and Central Ave allowing Jean to purchase the building and move her restaurant to where we are today. 

In 1968 she sold it to Bob Becotte and 4 years later in 1972 he sold it to the Repici family. For 37 years Marie Repici and her family have owned and operated the Chatterbox. Except for the brief time when Mr. Repici passed away, they have continued to run this restaurant, an icon in this city. They built it to its current stature. 

On October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the island. Its mass destruction devastated the Chatterbox. You can see the line denoting how high the water level was inside, destroying everything. Marie had no choice but to gut the restaurant and remodel. The mural was saved! Memorial Day 2013, 7 months later, the Chatterbox re-opened its doors.

Forty-Two years later, Marie looks forward to her well deserved retirement. We were honored that she agreed to sell her family business to our family. As former restaurant owners we have committed ourselves to the continued success and stability of the Chatterbox. Icons like this in Ocean City should not  be let go. They continue to serve the community (in so many ways), the local community and to tourism.

We will continue to provide great food and service to ALL our guests and continue making memories.

Bob & Maria Boyer